NSE (MRQ-55)

Neuron-specific enolase (NSE) is the glycolytic isoenzyme of the enolase gamma-gamma dimer specifically detected in neurons of neuroendocrine cells, and their corresponding tumors.1,2 In addition, NSE has been demonstrated immunohistochemically in the non-neoplastic cells of the pituitary, peptide secreting tissues, pineolocytes, neuroendocrine cells of the lung, thyroid, parafollicular cells, adrenal medulla, islets of Langerhans, Merkel cells of the skin3, and melanocytes. Anti-NSE immunostaining is also positive in normal striated muscle, hepatocytes and, to a lesser extent, smooth muscle.4 Anti-NSE is a useful marker to identify peripheral nerves.5 When used for the identification of neuroendocrine differentiation, it is necessary that it be employed in a panel with more specific markers such as anti-synaptophysin, anti-chromogranin, and anti-neurofilament.