GATA3 (L50-823)

GATA3 (GATA binding protein 3 to DNA sequence [A/T]GATA[A/G]) is a zinc finger transcription factor and plays an important role in promoting and directing cell proliferation, development, and differentiation in many tissues and cell types. GATA3 expression is primarily seen in breast carcinoma and urothelial carcinoma and only rarely found in tumors from other organs, such as endometrial endometrioid adenocarcinoma. GATA3 is expressed in all breast lobular carcinomas and 91% of invasive ductal carcinomas (grade I, 100%; grade II, 89% and grade III, 86%1-2). GATA3 expression seems to be lower in luminal B subtype breast carcinoma. It has also been reported that GATA3 expression is correlated with the status of ER, PR and Her2 in breast carcinoma1-2. GATA3 expression is found in urothelial carcinoma, especially in invasive and high grade tumors. Therefore, anti-GATA3 can be used in a panel of antibodies for diagnosis of unknown primary carcinoma, when carcinomas of the breast or bladder are a possibility.